Photos with What's On Pic are much more than what you're accustomed to in online marketing. It's an incredible opportunity to start your own eCommerce business immediately, right from your smartphone.

  • Tag and share

    Tags have become even smarter than ever before! We've created a huge catalog of all the products that can be shown in your photos as well as a completely unique way of describing these products. You can now tag and share your favorite photos with subscribers through your favorite social networks.


    Earn profit from every purchase made when your friends click on your photo and follow the link. Your followers will simply identify goods in your photos and then see reviews and features. They can easily choose the best price among many available stores and make a purchase directly through the application.


This is a new breakthrough way to monetize your photos. Any photo can be а store! You don't need to have a shop, and you don't even need to be a merchant with a stock of goods to be a seller. All you need are your favorite photos. Simply add a tag and post your photos on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You will get paid when your followers shop! Our new technology identifies marked goods, and your friends will be able to find them in the integrated database of online stores.


What's On Pic is a new way to drive eCommerce sales in social media. We’ve created an innovative platform that allows people to make immediate purchases of products they see in photos on social media sites. Our service is the first of this kind. What's On Pic allows people to identify products shown in the photos on social media sites and to make a purchase easily when they like something they see. What's On Pic is a great opportunity to increase your sales through a new sales channel. We’re looking for long-term partners who would like to include their products as a part of our shared catalog of goods available for purchase.

  • The unique sales system

  • Completely new market

  • Direct contact with social networks users

  • Easy integration via your own API

  • Ever-growing number of users